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Starrett Kinemic KMR

Starrett Kinemic™ KMR

Starrett's KineMic video microscopes are a family of five modular, versatile and affordable inspection and vision metrology systems. They are ideal for receiving inspection, quality assurance, training, manufacturing assembly, research, and documentation - wherever easy setup and a range of magnifications are required. Our XGA models set the standard for quick setup and ease of use by not requiring a computer, while our M3 models offer the full power of a color touch-screen PC with MetLogix M3 metrology software. Depending on the size of your parts, measurements can be all electronic within the field of view, or be integrated with stage motion for parts up to 200 mm (8").


  • XGA Zoom, Basic
  • XGA Zoom, 2x2 Stage
  • M3 Zoom, 4x8 Stage
  • M3 Zoom, FOV